In addition to mixing your songs, IndieProMix can consult with you by phone regarding your production and technical needs. For example, you might feel like something is lacking in your tracks, or you want to choose the right piece of gear for your vocal chain in the studio. Maybe you need help deciding whether to insert your EQ before or after your compressor. We can help.

IndieProMix also has a roster of accomplished indie-friendly session musicians who have recorded and/or toured with Beck, Sheryl Crow, Scott Weiland, Fiona Apple, Dixie Chicks, Dave Mason, New Radicals, Danielle LoPresti, Asia, GPS, B'z, Roger Daltrey, Yngwie Malmsteen, MSG, Dio, David Lee Roth, A.J. Croce, Greg Lake, and many more. Regardless of genre, our players have been chosen to get the job done by the most successful and demanding artists. Send us an mp3 and tell us the tempo, and we'll send you a wav file of the part.


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